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Landlord & Tenant

Services include:   

  •     Purchase of Real Estate, including Farmland, Rangeland/Pasture, and Commercial Property
  •     Personal, professional, farm, ranch, and crop leases
  •     Land Sale Contracts
  •     Trust Deeds and Notes
  •     Easements
  •     Foreclosures, FED Filings and Evictions
  •     Commercial development
  •     1031 Exchanges    
  •     Options

Family Law

Services include:

  •             Divorce (Annulment)
  •             Legal Separation
  •             Spousal Support
  •             Child Custody
  •             Parenting Time
  •             Adoption

Farms & Ranches

One of the most critical (and often overlooked) tasks for family-owned farms, ranches, and businesses is developing an effective strategy to ensure that it transitions effectively and efficiently.

There are many issues facing Oregon families when it comes to developing an estate plan. Taxes, legal costs, family relationships, and limited liquidity, to name a few, are common yet complicated challenges.

Riley Makin takes an active part in his family’s cattle ranch and understands the issues facing rural Oregonians. Let us work with you to develop a strategy that manages those challenges and plans for the next generation. Whether you are growing crops, running livestock, or operating a business (or a combination of the three) having your estate plan in place will preserve and protect your operation and ensure that it transitions on your terms.

Business & Corporation

Services include:

    Corporate Formation, Maintenance, and Dissolution

    Leases and Contracts

    Security Agreements/UCC filings

    Farm and Ranch Leases and Agreements

    Timber Sales/Contracts


    Crop Liens